Tofte Charters – Ice Fishing

32 inch Lake Trout

10.2lb Walleye

Normal mode of transportation

Fishing in the open

Ice fishing inland lakes
Fishing in northeastern Minnesota is a little different than what you find in other parts of the state. Here most lakes are remote, accessed only by snowmobile or snowshoes. This means that we are fishing out in the open, no heated fish houses and we drill holes by hand. If this sounds like fun to you, lets go fishing.

Lake trout and walleye are the target species.

Because we are fishing out in the elements you will need to be prepared with warm clothes. A few suggestions are: Dress in layers. Bring a light pair of gloves or fingerless gloves to use when fishing and a heavy pair of gloves for traveling. Pack boots are a must to keep you feet warm and the slush out.

What do you need to bring? If you like to fish with your own equipment, bring it along. Otherwise we can provide all the equipment. Don't know if you have the right equipment? Fishing for lake trout and walleye we normally use medium action fishing rods with 6 - 8lb test line. Lake trout are often caught 40+ feet down so a rod with some backbone and low stretch line like Power Pro are the ticket. A Vexilar flasher is a must for finding the fish. Most of the fish are caught on a jig and minnow although spoons and jigging rapalas can be hot at times. We can fish with two lines so we usually put out a tipup while we move around with a jigging pole looking for active fish. You will need to bring a valid Minnesota fishing license (trout stamp if necessary) and your lunch and beverages.

Mid January is when winter lake trout fishing opens and from then until the end of March we target lake trout. The walleye season on the Canada border lakes runs until April 14th giving us a good chance at a late season trophy.

Ice Fishing Rates

$250 – 1 or 2 people
$300 – 3 people

Includes use of snowmobiles

Reservations & more information
866-663-9932 or 218-663-9932
P.O. Box 2182
Tofte, MN 55615

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